Şişli Municipality and Association Against Sexual Violence Composed Against Child Abuse

Sisli Municipality, signed a new policy in Turkey, with Collaborating to the Association for Combating Sexual Violence, bring into action the project of "Children tell, you listen, prevent abuse!" against sexual abuse cases for children...

Within this project, which is aimed to be a model of the other municipalities, A wide range of people, such as parents, teachers, health personnel, police, etc. will receive training in respect of their physical rights, understanding children who are sexually abused, interfering with sexual abuse.

Hayri İnönü: "Fighting with child abuse is our responsibility"

Hayri İnönü said these at the launch meeting of the project:

"Violence Prevention and Rehabilitation Association data show that cases of child abuse in Turkey increased 700-fold in 10 years. We can say that the actual figures are far beyond that, with the hidden, covered cases. But the numbers are not important, this trauma brings a lasting effect on the spirit of our children. So it is our responsibility to combat this issue until we completely remove the cases of sexual abuse. In this regard municipalities, local authorities, public officials and families have to make what is neccessary.

While we are going to teach children about their rights, we should learn to listen to them. As Şişli Municipality, we realized this project firsty in Turkey and aim to make a model for other local governmets.